Owls that light up your life

This is my kind of lamp! Dang Argyle’s Courtney has been working hard on this great revamped owl lamp, which I’m sure will look fab in her new home. She posted this in her own LiveJournal account, but we’ve asked her to put it here, too, for everyone’s bloggy enjoyment.

“I spent the day today painting this owl lamp I bought at Goodwill a lovely shade of green. It was originally a shiny glazed marbly brown, and didn’t come with a lamp shade. It takes a finial shade, which I had a hard time finding (still need the finial), so had to settle for a sage green one I found at Hancocks. I dyed it with teal RIT in my backyard. Fun! You can’t tell in the picture, but the lamp is actually addorsed owls. They are nesting in my bedroom.”

Thanks, Courtney. Further proof that owls continue to be the new black.