Defining your craft space

I recently moved from a larger apartment to a smaller apartment. Yes, brilliant idea on my part. However, I somehow ended up with bigger closets, so I decided to go after my life-long dream of taking a closet and turning it into a crafting area. Take a look.

This is the before shot. Yuck. What a mess. I went to Ikea and picked up some bathroom shelving units to help myself out. And one large garbage bag…

After. Much better! Up top are all my crafty magazines I use as reference, my sewing machine is off to the side with a utility table ready at a moment’s notice, extra fabric hangs on the back… you get the idea. Still looks a little cluttered, you think? Take a look at this!

Much better! To see more shots, check out this Flickr set.

I’m curious- what does everyone do for their own crafty space?