You meet crafters in the funniest places…

…Like at the annual BlogHer conference here in Chicago. (I have more frequent travel miles than I know what to do with!)

I’m here for work, but I had no idea that this female-based blogging conference would have a crafting component to it! How excited was I today to have lunch with Natalie from CRAFT, Kristin from Craft Leftovers, Dave from Tiny Envelope, and, this is great, Grand Rapids’ own Jennifer from Craft Sanity! Tomorrow, Natalie and Kristin will be part of a crafty panel on crafters in the blogging world with Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica and, get ready, AMY SEDARIS! My goal tonight is to make a mini fuckit bucket in the hotel for her to autograph tomorrow.

Stay tuned for updates as I try to find Amy somewhere in the greater Chicago area… Until then, check out Natalie’s post on the CRAFT blog for a great description of what the crafty discussion will cover.