Cross your fingers for Stitch ‘n’ Pitch…

Drum roll, please… A little bit of Tiger luv, embroidery-like.

Here’s my entry for the CRAFT/SNP needlearts contest… Have you submitted yours, yet? “Roar like it’s 1984” was a slogan I found on some old promo materials from the World Series season. And the “D” I modified from an actual pumpkin-carving logo!

Let’s get as many crafty Detroiters in on this one as possible. As they used to say, “Stand up and tell ’em you’re from Detroit!” You’ve still got until midnight tomorrow to submit your entry.

If you’re participating, show some love:

CRAFT Magazine's Stitch N' Pitch Contest

Check back for my ideas on a quick and free (!) light table, a perfect crafting tool when working on embroidery projects.