Get ready for the Big Art Show

What are you kids up to tonight? You might remember veteran Detroit Urban Craft Fair vendor Sweetie Pie (“Becky”) Press from that far-away city called Toronto, right? Well, she’s part of the Big Art Show at Small’s tonight in Hamtramck. Here’s how the show is described:

“BIG ART SHOW gives local, unknown, and independent artists an opportunity to perform and display their work to their peers and to the public. Run by a collective of artists and volunteers based out of the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Brooklyn area, BIG ART SHOW is driven by a passion to create an environment devoid of the pressures and insincerities of the public media.

BIG ART SHOW creates community both locally and nationally by having traveling art events which invite visual artists from any location to display their work, attend the shows, and network with other artists. Similarly, BIG ART SHOW provides an opportunity in which lesser-known musicians can play in front of larger and more varied audiences.

BIG ART SHOW does not charge a fee for artists to show their work, nor is a commission taken on sold work. We are constantly striving to create new outlets for artists and musicians to be able to grow in their art form.”

Make sure to check it out!

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