Thank you for applying to DUCF!

A great big thank you to everyone who applied to the 2007 Detroit Urban Craft Fair. We received over 145 applications from all over the country. (When I printed them all out, it was 5 inches high! Thank goodness for recycled paper!) The work applied this year was really super impressive and it’s going to be difficult for us to narrow it down it to the roughly 50 available spaces. We will be selecting vendors based on variety, quality and uniqueness — with the overall goal of picking vendors that will do well on fair day. Everyone will be notified of acceptance in mid-June.

Some other DUCF things of note, mostly in the promotion opportunity vein, are after the jump.

1. Program guide ads available
We’re making a keepsake program guide, with crafty content, interviews and more. Ads start at $30, and DIY companies get a 25 percent discount. These will be nice little year-round resources for fair attendees, and a great way to get your name out in the Detroit area.

Due date for ad reservation: June 10

2. Swag bags donations
We’re doing our swag bags a little differently this year. Handmade samples with a combined valued of $20 or more can be placed for free. (In other words: 4, $5 samples or 20, $1 samples, etc.) Business cards, stickers, buttons and other traditional promos have a $20 fee to include them. (The reason? Last year we feared smaller items were lost in the bags. This year, we want to make sure everyone’s seen.) The number of bags is 125, though you may send as much or as little as you like. All donators get a link from our site.

Due date for swag: June 30

3. Benefit raffle donations
We’re also seeking goods for a benefit raffle. Money collected will help set up a DIY grant for a Detroit maker’s project. Goods should be worth at least $10. In return, we will announce your company name and donation during the fair and include a link to you from our site.

Due date for raffle donations: July 15

Interested? Please shoot an e-mail to me at handmadedetroit {at!} yahoo {dot!) com for an address. I welcome questions, too!