Project Crawl Revisited: Wine Cork craft and art

You must have a lot of wine corks! Lish wrote a Wine Cork Project Crawl last June that is always in our top searches, so I’d thought we’d revisit the topic. The little buggers must be sparking something inside crafters right now because people all over the nets are coming up with bigger and better projects for their collection. But be careful, crafting with wine corks is a little addicting.

It could all start simply enough, you could construct a simple tivet or corkboard and then add a roof to that Spring birdhouse … and before you know it, you could be designing whole chairs.

(photo via boing, boing)

To match the chair, of course, you’ll need a cork baseboard. After your living room is positively overflowing with corky-ness, you might turn your attention to covering your entire truck with them.


(photo via j-walkblog)

Still got more? Why not go all the way, and do what we’ve all dreamed about since we were 6 years old:* Craft an entire boat out of the suckers. That’s right, John Pollock (an Ann Arbor native, at that!) actually made an entire working boat out of a lot of wine corks. One hundred sixty five thousand, three hundred twenty-one of them to be exact. Amazing.
*OK, maybe that was just me, but come on, that’s sweet!