Blowout recap

Whew, the MT Blowout was this weekend, and we’re all still recovering. But I wanted to give a shout out to all the Michigan bands that supported Handmade Detroit this weekend by wearing our merch. Really, it was so awesome to see mitten pins popping up in show reviews and even better to feel the love of local musicians we think are tops already.

Here’s a run-down of where we we’re “spotted.” {Special thanks to Jasper for catching a lot of these.}
+ Great Lakes Myth Society sported Mitten pins at the Pre-Party. Here’s a photo by Doug Coombe.
+ Josh from The Silent Years wore a HD shirt on stage at the Pre-party. We don’t really have a good photo of this, but we swear he was wearing it.
+ Zach from Childbite rocked a shirt at their show. {Second band.}
+ Brian Carjack, always a huge supporter of HD, had a bright red mitten pin. {Scroll down a bit.}

Thanks also to everyone who stopped by the Handmade Detroit area on Wednesday night.

In somewhat related news: Please check back here tomorrow for a huge contest announcement in honor of the Mitten Pin.