Crafting at the thrift store

Talk about about a good night for craft finds! I stopped by my local Salvation Army and came away with these two things:

A stained-glass form (I wonder what Glass Action! would make of this…) and, get ready, German embroidery kit! And both were half-off, so I came home with them for the bargain-basement price of $1.25.

Now, the embroidery kit is my favorite. Sadly, I speak French and not German, so I’m going to “wing it” with this one. Both of these finds got me to thinking- I don’t explore the “bric-a-brac” section nearly enough when I’m thrifting. If you dig just a bit, I promise you’ll find treasures. So the next time you’re at Value World, dig through the homewares/toys/etc sections… Who knows what you’ll find! Have you had any good luck at the thrift store lately when it comes to craft supplies/fun finds? Let us know! Comment below!

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