Inspiration Month: Trolling around Flickr

I swear I’m not getting paid by the Flickr folks to talk so much about them. I’m just on a little kick and it’s such a great source of inspiration.

I love this set of photos by Joey Harrison called “Mom’s World.” It includes reflections by his mother, a Grand Rapids native and an excellent photographer long before most of us were born. Set aside an hour and read them … they are great. Actually, all of Harrison’s photos are great. Check out his “time lapse family series” for a “wish I had thought of that!” moment.

And hey, it may be grey and blech outside, but here are some orange favorites to inspire you this week:

Orange favs

1. Three dimensional quilted boxes, 2. Vintage Fabric, 3. Yarn, 4. eleventh commandment hat – etsycraft contest – recycled as upcycleBB contest, 5. hibiscus, 6., 7. i *hearts* orange, 8. Big Orange Owl, 9. Sisters, 10. character fabric – 2, 11. Corner of my home, 12. Sunny Days

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