Under the Tree: Christmas Crafts

If you’re like me, you’ve got lots of friends/family members/people on the street who like crafts, but like different kinds. The same can be said about holiday crafts. Have no fear. Take a look at these two Christmas books, both very different but very perfect for the intended receiver.

Vintage Christmas Crafts
By Sara Toliver
144 pages
$14.95, Paperback
Sterling Publishing

Lovely is a perfect way to describe this book. I first thought of my mom when I read it, with its supply of vintage ideas that just hipper than Martha Stewart, but not “too” cool. I love how the book repurposes old Christmas ornaments and shows you how to make your own vintage-looking items, such as snow villages, much like the set my grandma used to display in the 1950s. The book contains templates, easy how-tos and full-color magic.

Merry Kitschmas
By Michael D. Conway
Photographs by Peter Medilek
Paperback, $14.95
September 2004
Chronicle Books

If your little sister has been wanting to make a mini Christmas tree out of hot dogs, this book is for her. Filled with centerpieces made out of crusty old donuts and fruit cakes wrapped in wee straight jackets, this book is for the, um, nutzo in your life. My favorite craft was the wreath made out of fake dollar bills framing Aretha Franklin’s face. Yes, the Queen of Soul wants YOU to have a merry Christmas! Or any holiday, for that matter.

The book isn’t just crafts. There are fun recipes that include bubbly cocktails and snow cones. So, pull out your mom’s favorite holiday sweater, make a hot toddy, and enjoy this book.