Can-bottom ornaments

I decided to take part in this year’s Ornament Swap. I wanted to utilize some vintage-inspired fabric I saw at JoAnn’s. I got my circle inspiration from an article in the most recent edition of Adorn, and went with a layered effect, thanks to some fabric bond. Perhaps the instructions are the best way to describe it!

  • Pick three different can sizes:big, medium, small. I used a Progresso soup can, the bottom of a larger pickle jar, and a Campbell’s vegetarian vegetable can.
  • Trace each can with a normal-size Sharpie marker. A fine point doesn’t work all that well on fabrics like felt.
  • Once the fabric cirlces have been cut out, iron them on to the fabric bond, making sure not to press down/hold the iron for too long. Once the circles have cooled on the bond, cut them out and peel off the sticky back.
  • Take a piece of ribbon (I used ricrac), position it as a loop, and put the mediuim-size circle on the big circle. Press to adhere. Repeat with the small circle. Once this has cooled a bit, feel free to add and decorations you’d like. I used little trees I cut out of felt, using the fabric bond to hold in place.
  • Stand back and get ready to decorate your tree!