Quickie Halloween notes

If you’re like me, you love to send cards out for EVERY holiday. (Yes, even Flag Day!) But if you’re a little busy right now and still want to send out some Halloween love, fear not. Try these cute Halloween cards that are sure to have your tummy craving calorie-packed sweets. Mmm, transfats…

You’ll need:
-1 package of lil’ treat sacks (number depends on how many people you’re mailing to)
-A spiffy computer
-Even more spiffy computer paper
-Envelopes (either handmade or the Mead kind)
-Festive stamps (Sorry, the flag stamps just won’t cut it for these)

Come up with a funny slogan. I’d give you mine, but that would ruin the surprise to the lucky folks getting my cards. I used PowerPoint to create the inside message so that I could move the text boxes around easily in an attempt to get my saying on the page more than once (Reduce! Reuse! Recyle!) Using my sewing snips, I went for a cute “brown paper bag” look on the edges of my clipped saying. You could use any fun snips you’d like. Fold the saying in half (aim for a square, no bigger than a few inches big). Tuck the saying inside of the treat sack. Voila! A cute card that is more adorable, and less expensive, than a Val-U pack of cards from Meijer.

Happy Early Halloween. Make sure to send me one of your cards if you make ’em.