Stephanie’s AMC roundup

I think we’re all still recovering from the Allied Media Conference this weekend. It’s amazing how behind you can get from missing one weekend of “regular” life. (And as a sidenote, why do I have to be more than 4 hours away before time and the push for normal responsibilty can suspend itself? Which is to say, I spent way too much time reading e-mails this weekend.)

Some things for you to check out:
+ Went to a workshop, led my New York artist Swoon, on stencilling and papercutting where I got to sit on the floor and almost kill myself with an X-acto knives. Fun! Go back and click on that link and check out the slideshow. I swear you will love it.

+ We met and enjoyed sharing a common cause with Kyle and Steve from Bittersweet Dream in Detroit. They just started a MySpace today, too.

+ Lish and Natalie attended a video blogging workshop. You can see them in a movie here.

Finally, Detroit will be the home of AMC starting in summer of 2007. I walked away from this year’s AMC with some important skills, and would encourage everyone to take part, to table, to maybe lead a workshop and most importantly, to attend next year.