In print + consignment opportunities?

Some new things to get your hands on:

Council C has their Spring 2006/first anniversary issue online.

Martha Stewart has a new magazine aimed at the Real Simple crowd: Blueprint The first issue includes a simple and cute scarf tying project.

ReadyMade #23 is out. Probably didn’t need to tell you that.

I poked through the new issue of Knit.1 and was all like, um, hello green sweater, let’s be best friends.

Can you hardly wait for Craft? Us either.

There are a ton of great new indie making books out lately. Thimble has a nice roundup.

Do you know a place to consign in Michigan?
I’ve been hearing about a lot of new local places that are taking handmade items on consignment. If you know of some, one, any, please post them in the comments. Even if you are unsure, cause you like heard they maybe did but you haven’t been in there yet, let us know and we will check up on it for you.