Web roundup

Where did Stephanie go? Oh, away, away, I say. But I’m back now. And here are some interesting things of crafty note.

+ One of our favorite blogs, Whip Up has started Whiplash, a weekly crafty challenge with prizes. Dang cool prizes! Link

+ Craftlance is an interesting concept: It aims to hook crafters up with buyers looking for specific things. Link

+ The first issue of Hello Indie is out. You have to sign up to get it in your in-box, but they also have opportunities to promote yourself and/or your event. Link

+ designsponge gets a podcast, which so far has featured some great women artists. Also of note, I have a major, super huge, big crush on Jill Bliss and want to have all her Bliss-y babies. Link

+ Congrats to all the local designers who appeared in Crain’s 20 in their 20s! Link

+ We were Googling ourselves (honestly admit you don’t do this and we’ll eat an entire pie in one sitting) and came across this blog post talking about The Shadow Art Fair in Ypsi. Sounds like a really super event — if anyone has any more details on this, please let us know. We’d love to support it. Link

Have you run across something cool lately? Post it in the comments and we’ll add it to this entry.