Mitten Maker Monday: Backward masking

It’s Mitten Maker Monday and being that Mitten Makers love to make music (say that five times fast), we’re digging today’s submission. Mike from Top Quality Rock and Roll sent us info about his handmade Record Reversers. These are awesome little gadgets that allow you to play records backward perfectly, rendering that pencil technique crude.

Says Mike: “i get the records from Stormy in dearborn, the print work from detroit, and make ’em myself at home in ferndale.”

A demo is available on his site. Time to get out the Zappa.

More about backward masking can be found in this Wiki entry.

If you’re a Michigan Maker, send us your current projects, things you’ve made and other making fun to handmadedetroit at yahoo dot com, and we’ll include it in our Monday posts. Is it really that simple? It really is that simple.