Thursday Project Crawl: T-shirts Revisited

Slowly but surely, the sun is shining here in Michigan and with warmer weather means lighter layers. In other words … Time to bring those T-shirts out of hiding and into the sun! This week we’ve hit the Web pavement to see what others are doing with their old shirts to spruce them up for spring.

THE source in reconstruction, apparently!
If you have a lot of T-shirts looking for some kind of new life, you probably need to take a look at this book, Generation T: 108 ways to transform a T by Megan Nicolay:

Her Web site posts some T-shirt projects every now and then if you can’t get a hold of the actual book. Here’s what January 2006 had to offer, a good warm-weather choice:

Check out the site and all of its transforming tips:
Generation T

For the trendy cotton-wearer in your life
The kids at “Make” know what’s going on when it comes to all sorts of gadgets, and the basic T-shirt is no challenge. This is a great idea currently posted on their Web site:

The instructions are pretty simple. Thanks for the inspiration, Make! Read it for yourself here:
Make blog

Simple T-shirt basics
Need some help with sewing, stitching and stretching? No problem. The Underground Action Alliance has you covered.

This article provides some useful tips on how to sew patches and even resize that T-shirt your uncle got for you on the last family cruise. Good, basic stuff.
Underground Action Alliance does T-shirts

After a long day
The Arizona Republic has some good ideas for making T-shirts into pillows in their newspaper’s extremely useful craft section.

Pillow instructions via Azcentral

And don’t forget, sometimes it’s just best to grab a pair of scissors and go crazy with your old T-shirt. Can’t think of a good idea? There’s always your local Salvation Army ready to take your donations…