DETROIT: Soft Scrap


Soft Scrap

A show of scrap-inspired art

  • Friday, November 7
  • 7:00pm – 10:00pm
  • 1401 Bagley St. Detroit

“The artists are seamsters, fiber artists, sculptors, painters, printmakers, performers, and musicians. They hoard scraps that are piled on shelves, stashed in boxes, or stowed away in basements. These scraps are sometimes ridiculous, embarrassing and untidy, but sometimes they inspire. The works range from lace bikinis made from rubber to a model house made of matchbooks.

Artists include Julio Dominguez, Mary Carolan, Sarah Lapinski, Abigail Newbold, Sarah Burger, Connie Shea, Bec Young, Leah Retherford, Emily Linn, Stephanie Hafer, and Megan Heeres.”

More info: mcptown {at!} hotmail {!DOT} com