Product review: Micheal’s Martha Stewart Autumn Wreath Kit

GRRR! I have such a love-hate relationship with the Martha Stewart Craft Collection from Michael’s. I love them because the projects are indeed cute. But I tend to hate them because, well, I find them cute! But I’m also always disappointed that you can’t use your newspaper coupon toward the purchase of a kit. Some of the kits are very well-priced, but some of them can get VERY pricey.

Having said that, I purchased the Autumn Wreath Kit. Shocking, I know, I made another wreath. (Perhaps I’m missing an untapped market for hipster wreath making?!) The leaves looked so cute and the colors match my house perfectly. Here are a few thoughts I took away from the kit and the making:

It took a lot longer to make than the directions suggested. I spent a good chunk of my Sunday night with a bottle of Merlot and Netflix trying to finish this bad boy.

  • Make sure you attach the hanging ribbon FIRST. This step is “somewhat” implied in the directions, but damn, make sure you do this before you find yourself wrist-deep in paper leaves and no hanging options available.
  • The leaves are great. They’re made of paper, and range in autumn colors that are both matte and glossy. So much fun! They’re also attached to wire, so you can bend them to fill in the wreath as needed.
  • Working floral tape can be a pain. Make sure to check out an upcoming post I have coming on the topic. Grrr.

Overall, I was really, really pleased with the finished product. I’ve got it hanging on the back of my front door, and it’s currently driving my cat crazy. Has anyone else tried one of Martha’s Michael’s craft kits? Has anyone been able to sneak in a discount coupon at checkout? 😉