Zine Workshop

From the POST website:

Hosted by POST + Rachael Barlock, from Hazel & Dolly

Saturday August 11th from 2 to 4pm

What the heck is a zine? Short for magazine, a zine is a DIY method to get your thoughts, ideas, and creativity out to the world without the need for computers, graphic design software, or fancy publishing skills. Kind of like a blog without the internet! Old school style! Zines are bought, sold, traded, and/or given away for free at book fairs, art events, workshops, classes, and within literary and music scenes. This type of independent self-publishing has roots in many counter cultures - hippies, punk rockers, activists, artists, poets, etc. A zine can be about any subject or no subject at all. They can be instructional, informational, or personal. A zine may be created as a single, stand alone piece or copied and distributed widely.

Bring your thoughts and ideas. Bring artwork, photos, illustrations. Bring some writing to transcribe. Or simply bring your curiosity to learn about the process!

During this workshop, you will learn how to cut, fold, letter, layout, and assemble your own zine. Rachael will teach you a few folding methods, some lettering techniques, and tell you some bad jokes that you can use to kickstart your self publishing career (not really) but maybe?

All materials will be provided. We will have paper, a variety of pens, markers, drawing materials, supplies for collage, and a copier on hand. Bring your ideas and inspirations!

No experience necessary.

This class is open to ages 12+

All materials are provided.

Refreshments will be served.

About the instructor:

Inspired by sarcasm + pen pals, fueled by La Croix + house plants, and outfitted in big hats + floral skirts, Rachael Barlock owns and operates Hazel + Dolly in Detroit, Michigan. Hazel + Dolly is all about honoring the nostalgia of hand-written correspondence. We take that craft, add some sass and modern design, and print it on antique letterpress equipment to give you a product worth sending.

Please note:

Space is limited so please register soon. Popular classes sell out quickly!

All workshops are held at POST - 14500 Kercheval Detroit, MI 48215

On-street parking is free and plentiful