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Archive for the ‘Projects’ Category

DIY: Table Runner and Tray Set, 3 Ways

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? We love celebrating and crafting through the month while we (hopefully) watch the temperatures rise and the snow melt. When we […]

Revamped Vintage Bar Cart

This rusted and dirty vintage bar cart turned into a craft project in my home and then became a new cart for my craft room! To read how I […]

A Quick Weekend DIY

I managed to steal away for an hour this weekend into my sewing space and make these sweet little baby leggings for my daughter out of some vintage owl […]

Party Paper Inspiration

How do you decorate for a combo little boy and baby girls’s party? I was faced with that dilemma earlier this summer, and wasn’t sure what to do for a […]

Easy-to-sew bean bags

Do you love to play outdoor games? If you do, it’s probably time for a new set of bean bags. Head over to Metro Parent’s Make It blog to see […]

Free DIY Demo at Haberman Fabrics this Saturday

In the summer I’m kind of addicted to pulling my hair back with scarves and turbans to stay cool, so I was really happy to attend Haberman Fabrics’ free DIY […]

How-To: DIY Recycled Notebooks

The next time you’re looking for craft supplies, make sure to look in the recycling bin. Lish shows you how to make a small recycled notebook of your own on […]

Beach Scavenger Hunt Terrarium

Looking for a fun project this weekend? Try making your own beach scavenger hunt terrarium. Lish shows you how over on Make It. Keep an eye out for found terrarium […]

Julia Rothman’s “Ride” Project Roundup

Calling all bikers! Make sure to check out Julia Rothman’s latest offering for Windham Fabrics - Ride. This bike-themed collection features everything from gears to traffic signs. I made my […]

Bringing “Spring” Inside the Home

Looking for a way to add a pop of spring color inside? Check out my easy DIY art project on the Reware Vintage blog, using some ’80s “season” cards (you […]


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