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Archive for the ‘Crafty Family’ Category

DIY: Table Runner and Tray Set, 3 Ways

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? We love celebrating and crafting through the month while we (hopefully) watch the temperatures rise and the snow melt. When we […]

Our poster reveal!

Every year we ask a local artist to design our poster for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. ¬†We give a few details to the artist about the event, and let […]

A Quick Weekend DIY

I managed to steal away for an hour this weekend into my sewing space and make these sweet little baby leggings for my daughter out of some vintage owl […]

Party Paper Inspiration

How do you decorate for a combo little boy and baby girls’s party? I was faced with that dilemma earlier this summer, and wasn’t sure what to do for a […]

How-To: DIY Recycled Notebooks

The next time you’re looking for craft supplies, make sure to look in the recycling bin. Lish shows you how to make a small recycled notebook of your own on […]

Arts & Scraps Fabric and Tile Sale

This Friday and Saturday Arts and Scraps will be hosting a fabric and tile sale. I love going to their fabric sales; I always score great vintage fabric!
The preview […]

Small Craft Goes Camping!

What if you could craft among the lake breezes and rustling leaves of rural Michigan? Gather around a campfire with crafty friends, old and new? Fill an entire weekend with […]

Small Craft Saturday

This month Small Craft brings in Betty Floored from Oh Sew Betty for their monthly Pop-Up Shop, and Handmade Detroiter Lish Dorset for a Quilting basics Skillshare that’s not to […]

Maker’s Mart tomorrow!

Time for a road trip!¬†Handmade Toledo will be hosting their first spring show, Maker’s Mart tomorrow!
Maker’s Mart will host almost 50 handmade artists from the area (lots from Michigan!), amidst […]

Small Craft Saturday!

This Saturday Small Craft returns home from their Winter Tour to The Trumbullplex in Detroit, with another day of fun crafting, coffee, and community.


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