City Bird Migrates into DUCF 2019 Sponsor Row!

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 12.36.11 PM

Welcome back City Bird!!

Emily and Andy Linn were early vendors with DUCF and have spend the last 14 years (!) creating an amazing retail stretch on their block of Canfield in Detroit. A destination indeed, long before the growth all around them, they’ve been providing beautiful handmade and local wares here and at their neighboring Nest, and supporting makers from all over the region by carrying them.

DUCF is a place to launch and support brand new and old-school makers in our region and are excited to host CB in our Sponsor Row this year, along side a few other brick and mortar stores in our area.

Dec 6-8 you can shop City Bird with us! Everyone they’re carrying is unique to their space as well, and won’t be found elsewhere in the room.

Consider this a warning, having City Bird with us will definitely expand your shopping list!