D.you.C.F. The inside scoop on ‘how to’ this craft show!

Hello there! Have you been to Detroit Urban Craft Fair before? Has it been a while? We wanted to share a few quick tips on how best to get your bucks worth, so to speak!

Our show spans three days. Friday night, December 2nd is our Opening Night and runs from 6-9pm. Consider this a hard opening with a $10 cover. Check out the highlighted link to read all about it!

 Saturday is opening morning! Doors are $1 for everyone 12 and up (kiddos free) and we’re open from 10am to 8pm. The first 50 guests in the door will get a top secret swag bag. Delectabowl will be selling food to the public both days from noon to close! Sunday we’re open from 11-6pm and again only $1 entry fee. DJ Dave will be with us all weekend, playing tunes from his ever-growing (and incredible) vinyl collection.

There’s also a bar with all kinds of beverages and some chips and hot dogs for grumbling bellies. Hooray!

Delectabowl! (They'll be inside, but this photo is awesome. Snagged from their Insta

Delectabowl! (They’ll be inside, but this photo is awesome. Snagged from their Insta


Map! We’ll provide this handy map of the show to move around the room. And hang onto it! You never know if you have a post-show regret and want to contact a maker. You can also check out our Vendor List  ahead of time and plan your route before you arrive!


Creeped out by crowds? Traditionally each day we see a dramatic thinning out two hours before shut down. If you arrive at 4pm you’ll see everything but may have a better view and face-time with our vendors. Mornings get seriously crammed! And ps, dress in layers and think twice about strollers and bulky coats. They’re not frowned upon but wearing babies is the preferred way for shopping moms and dads! (Again, crowds. We want everyone to arrive and be comfortable and have fun!)

Craft mania! Saturday morning, 2015

Craft mania! Saturday morning, 2015


Spending money: Bring it! A lot of people do the majority of their holiday shopping at our event! If you’re leery about cash, the majority of our vendors accept credit. There are also at least two ATMs at the Masonic Temple. One in the back lobby off the parking lot and one right in our entrance to our room.


Parking: There’s lots all around the Masonic Temple and there’s isn’t (yet) other major attractions on this stretch of road, so the turnover of people coming and going is steady. You shouldn’t have a hard time getting a spot. Team up with friends! Make a day of it! 🙂

Masonic Temple   500 Temple St, Detroit, MI 48201

Masonic Temple
500 Temple St, Detroit, MI 48201


Be it by bus, train, car, plane– we’ll be stocked and ready for you!

And don’t forget to RSVP our event invite on the Facebook and maybe ‘share’ with a friend!