Crafty Inspiration at ArtPrize

I was thrilled to be able to go to ArtPrize for the first time last weekend. I’ve been really wanting to see the 3 square mile art competition, and had a fantastic, truly inspirational time in the midst of it’s final weekend.

I especially loved seeing so much art & craft collide all over downtown Grand Rapids. Many of my favorites were installations using non-traditional methods and materials (not surprisingly) and that had hints (or handfuls) of craft to them as well.

My favs below (and you’ll want to see all of them, click the more tag!)

Reflex/ Reflects by Haase & Myers
Paper Mache

Oil Flowers by Jerry Bleem
Crocheted from plastic shopping bags

Eye Candy by Celeste Cooning
Handcut Tyvek, sail cloth and mylar

Bloom Bloom by Dana Lynn Harper
Cut from flagging tape, assembled with chicken wire

Curated Love by Alaina Clarke
Paper sculptures made from collected love letters

My Norwegian Pram by Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite
Made with 35mm film and copper wire

Yarnbomb Everything by Streetspun Yarnbombing
Made with yarn and 300 hours – holy cow!

And my absolute favorite of the whole weekend – so lovely!
Based on Things That Happened (Somewhere We’ve Never Been) by Shannon Mossing
Made with embroidery floss

This was also originally posted on the Reware Vintage blog. Hope you liked it!