Arts and Scraps Fall Fabric Sale

Friday night I went  out to the opening night of the Arts & Scraps Fall Fabric and Yarn sale. For those unfamiliar, Arts & Scraps is a non-profit on the east side of Detroit that takes donations of craft supplies, and lots of household and business stuffs to teach children how to recycle everyday stuff into art projects. Their Fabric and Yarn sale is one of their big fundraisers, and they sell all sorts of fabric and yarn donated to them, new and vintage,  from both people and stores.

It was $10 to get in on opening night, and $8 to fill up a grocery bag with material. It was SO worth it!  The tables were piled high with all sorts of fabric! There were lots of boxes filled with of all kinds of yarn too – some were as cheap as 50 cents a skein!

I scored a grocery bag stuffed with great vintage fabric, and my friend Kim filled up two bags full too.

There are a few days left of the sale this week if you want to check it out. The hours are:

Thurs. Oct. 11, 13  11 – 6  Bags $6
Sat. Oct 15  11 – 4  Bags $4
Mon. Oct. 17  9 – 12 clean up/refold   3 hour volunteers get a free bag!

Want to see more pictures of the sale, and what I got? Read more on the Reware Vintage blog.