Detroit SOUP

Katie Barkel, of Kate McQueen Films, is part of Detroit Soup, a new collective hoping to help fund creativity in the area. The group meets monthly and, well, just check out how Katie describes it herself:

SOUP: a 
 funding creative projects in Detroit

Sunday, August 1st
Above Mexicantown Bakery: 4330 W. Vernor St. – Detroit
Doors at 7:00pm; Dinner at 8:00pm

Join us on the first Sunday of each month for a public soup dinner! Pay $5. Learn about creative projects happening in Detroit. Vote on which project to fund with the money raised from the meal that night.

Tell your friends; SOUP is…

a collaborative situation
a public dinner
a theatrical environment
a platform for performance
a local experiment in micro-funding
a relational gathering connecting various communities
a forum for critical discussion
an opportunity to support creative people in Detroit

Submit project
 proposals for micro-grant funding to by Friday, July 30.

SOUP Project Proposal Guidelines
Applicant Name:
Project Name:
Project Summary:

How will you use SOUP grant funding ($150-300) towards the realization of your project?

Why does this project matter (to you, to a local community, or to the city)?

What is the time frame for your project, and how could you share about its progress/completion at an upcoming SOUP?

*Thoughtful but brief responses are encouraged. Applicants must be present to pitch their project proposals during the meal. Proposals are due July 30.*

Contributing this month…

Soup and Hosting: Artists Nikos Doulos (Greece) and Joao Evangelista (Portugal), the first two artists of a residency program initiated by Expodium Platform Voor Jonge Kunst (Utrecht, The Netherlands), 555 Gallery and The Yes Farm.

Salad: Katie Barkel, Music Video + Film Director