Handmade Detroit to host “CRAFT Faire”

lil_makerThere’s been lots of buzz about Maker Faire adding Detroit to its 2010 roster (Makers! You’ve still got time to apply!) Handmade Detroit is pleased to announce CRAFT Faire, a craft fair within Maker Faire at the Henry Ford, July 31 through Aug. 1. Applications are now open!

CRAFT Faire, just like Maker Faire, is a two-day event within the parking lot alongside the Henry Ford’s IMAX Theater. We’ll have a big area of our own outside. We’ll have around 40 vendors selling their finest.

If you’re a crafter, this is your chance to get involved with Maker Faire. How do you know if you’re a crafter? If you’ve ever applied to a Handmade Detroit show before, or any other great local show, then this is your call to action.

Deadline to apply is {NOW EXTENDED TO} May 15. All of the details can be found on our online application form. Questions? Feel free to let us know, we’re more than happy to help. We’ve got a handy FAQ section that hopefully answers a lot of your questions. If you’re not interested in selling, we’ll have opportunities for volunteers in the near future, as well as some additional crafty component updates.

Maker Faire is a great experience and we’re pretty lucky to have our own Detroit version! Let’s show off our crafty side, dangit!