Steph’s top 5 things I love about DUCF

This is so my favorite week of the year. Why? Silly, it’s Detroit Urban Craft Fair week! So, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite things about the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. Read it David Letterman-style!


#5: The shopping!

Duh, DUCF is just a great place to pick up creative, unique stuff for both the holidays and yourself. I tend to do more of the latter.

#4: The DUCF gals’ families!

When you see the Majestic all lit up, know that it’s Lish’s dad that does it for us. And my Michigan cards? They wouldn’t be possible without Lish’s mom gifting us a die cut machine. Carey’s parents come to every show to support us — as does Amy’s crew, Ethan, Ramona and Henry. And Beth’s brother is no stranger either. Of course, Beth’s hubby is Dan, one of our web guys. And our other web guy, Josh, is married to our lawyer Lauren. We’re a big happy over here, it’s pretty awesome.


#3: Converting “unbelievers”

Craft is not what you probably think anymore. You’re going to have to show up to DUCF on Saturday to find out what I mean.

#2: Our awesome vendors and sponsors!

Both this year and past years! Our vendors turn into friends, grow their businesses and stay in touch. It’s so awesome to watch a new vendor try out our show with success, and equally great to watch older vendors grow and experiment with their businesses. And our sponsors — truly are our saviours, many of whom have come back year after year to support not only DUCF, but the Detroit creative community. Thank you to both our vendors and sponsors, past, present and future!


#1.5: The DUCF crew!

I mean come on, Amy, Carey, Bethany and Lish rule!

#1: The community of supporters!

The enthusaism of DUCF is catchy. Ask any vendor that’s done our show before. The people that come to DUCF are so enthusiastic to see all the awesome things being made right in our backyard. I generally look around and realize how lucky we are to live in a place with so much creation happening, where so many come out to support it.

Don’t miss out on all the awesome: Detroit Urban Craft Fair 2009, is this Saturday, Nov. 21 from 10 am to 7 pm at the Majestic Theater, 4120 Woodward Ave. in Detroit. Admission is free, bring the family!