Become a DUCF reporter


One of the worst things about not being able to go to a craft fair out of town is waiting to see photos from the event and read blog posts about what the shoppers and vendors thought. It drives me nuts- I must be a crafty nerd.

Well, fear not, Mitten crafters. Handmade Detroit is proud to announce a new feature we’re debuting at DUCF- Handmade Detroit LIVE! We’ve got a variety of ways for you to send in content, and that’s exactly what we want you to do- be a DUCF reporter! (Nerdy description: We’re using Tumblr to aggregate content from a variety of web sites us kids love.) Here’s how you can do it:

  • Post directly to the blog using an email address that you can find at the tweetup or at DUCF. You can send photos, text… the works! The more the better!
  • Use the #ducf09 hashtag on Twitter
  • Tag your photos “ducf09” on Flickr

We heart Yelp and we love to read what people write about us, so you’ll be able to see what people have been saying about DUCF. And Four Square? Yeah, it’s in there, too. Don’t forget to check in to the Majestic complex during the day!

You can start sending content right now. Do it!

They don’t often get a lot of public credit, but this live-blogging magic wouldn’t have happened without the Handmade Detroit boys, Dan Nixon and Josh Weston. You can meet them tomorrow at DUCF.

Until we meet at the fair… blog that shit!