Creepy Carey’s Halloween game challenge at ZOMBIE DANCE PARTY 6!

Zombie Dance Party is in it’s 6th year and will return once again to The Magic Stick on Halloween night – October 31st!  It’s filled with live music, dancing, tunes and cocktails, and this year I have a fun and crafty challenge to pitch and I hope some folks will be interested!

The Challenge: I’d like to present “The Zombie Dance Party Carnival”;  featuring game stations run and designed by YOU creative creatures!
Maybe a “guess what’s in the box” grab-game or “pay a dollar to see…THE THING”. Perhaps a creepy pinata or create a monster on a leash to wow and amaze! 
 The wilder and more elaborate the better!

Pick a buddy as a team member/collaborator! I’ll cover you and your guest on the cover charge and include some special treats. But keep in mind – whatever “charge” your game is you keep the money!  In years past people love it and can’t spend their dollars fast enough on the games!

The longest running game of ZDP - The Wheel Of Doom!

The longest running game of ZDP - The Wheel Of Doom!

RULES to participate:

  • Send me your name/email contact/game idea!
  • You must be 21 or over.
  • Love Halloween
  • enjoy meeting other monsters and promoting your game!
  • Meet at The Magic Stick on Halloween between 1-5pm to set your game up.

We’ve got 5 weeks to pull this together! I’m looking for between 5-8 game stations. Hopefully some of you will love this idea and rise from the grave to the challenge!!
Creepy Carey