Boozey 1950s crafts across a generation

I don’t know about you, but I had the best-ever Labor Day Weekend this year. Sure, it was great because I spent time with my family, slept in a bit, saw friends, BLAH BLAH. But, I’ll be honest. LBW 2k9 kicked ass because I got the best gift ever- Booze Dog.

Mitten Friends, meet Booze Dog.

Booze Dog is a crochet cover my Great-Grandma Alma made for my Great-Aunt Bea in the 1950s. Take off the top piece and, boom, there’s booze inside. Apparently my grandma and aunt were mortified when Alma gave this gift to Bea, but Bea loved it. She hid her sherry in Booze Dob right on top of her radio so she could enjoy a nip as the Detroit Tigers went to bat.

50-some years later, Booze Dog has been passed on to me since I was the most logical recipient of the gift. I’m pretty glad I was worthy of it. Say what you will (tissue covers, anyone?), but I’m sure Booze Dog would be a hit with hipsters. Irony aside, the crochet magic on this piece is amazing. Alma was an amazing crafter, and Booze Dog is proof. My aunt tossed Booze Dog (no booze was hurt in this process) in the washer AND dryer and he came out better than before. Her stitches are tight and accurate. Pretty impressive!

Booze Dog is currently chilling on my record recorder, patiently waiting for the next Tigers game. Go Tigers! Go Booze Dog!