Crafty Road Trips Part I: No Coast Craft-o-rama, Handmaidens Craftsmas and Truly


I recently returned from crafty adventures in Minneapolis and Toronto. Dedicated readers of this blog will remember that Minneapolis is dear to my heart — the place where some of my favorite craft proprietors and my sweet younger sister call home. First up on my agenda was participating in a few craft fairs. The No Coast Craft-o-rama is one of my favorite shows — Crafters Local 612 never fail to pack the Midtown Global Market with eager shoppers and the atmosphere is always exciting and fun. Here is what part of my booth looked like:


I also had a prime spot near the entrance next to some super awesome peeps — on the right was crafty buds Sarah and Angela of I Like You. I was too slow to get one of Angela’s adorable scarf/hat combos — a “scart” I believe they were calling them. To our  left was our entertainment — Andy and Micah of Campfire Goods. Check out their site for a load of Michigan (and Midwest) themed shirts — I already traded them for this one.

It was also great to chat with Reba, Fran of Zeichen Press, the ladies of Rectangle Design and Oona of Run Amok. I’m still regretting hesitating and missing out on a handpainted Wooden Folk figure (they don’t seem to have a site), but I did score some adorable stuff at Studio Mela’s booth.

After No Coast, it was time for The Handmaidens’ Craftsmas show held at a cool old VFW in Uptown. Here’s my table (and sister) for that show:


I had sold a lot and was worried many of the shoppers would be the same from the day before. This was a silly fear — One sweet lady said she couldn’t stop thinking about my stuff and had made the trek in just for me. Awesome.

Because this show was less packed than No Coast, I was able to have more meaningful conversations with some other makers — I love running into Dawn, who made the awesome cat shirts from Summer Smash 8. I also got to meet the sweet Sarah of Truly Fine Design (and traded for some of her sweet stationery) and — here’s hoping this blog can help — a really nice ceramicist recently transplanted from Brooklyn with her girlfriend. {I sadly lost her card, but if you are her, please get in touch!}


The next day we headed to Truly, an indie design store in White Bear Lake. Pardon the pun, but this store is truly adorable, carrying everything from crafting books and supplies like handspun yarn to the finished products of local and national artists.



We picked up a few of Minneapolis artist Adam Turman’s postcard prints as well as some of our Christmas presents in the store. Right now it’s the only place you can buy my Minnesota map cards and journals pictured at the top of this post.

Next up in my crafty adventures: I find my new favorite place on earth and blow all my money on art comics and zines.