Crafters and cupcakes go hand in hand?

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time. It started with the thought I had one day at Joann after I saw this:

Granted, this isn’t some sort of eureka moment; people love cupcakes. Cupcakes are huge. Crafters are people, thus, crafters love cupcakes.

Or something like that.

So I started digging around online to see if I could find more cupcake-crafting connections. Lord knows I love to make cupcakes, and I’m definitely a crafter:

Valentine cupcakes with handmade toppers

Patriotic cupcakes for the Fourth, with Martha Stewart toppers

So here’s what the Interwebs turned up (just a samplin’):

And then there’s the whole other idea that cupcakes are the “official” snack of crafters:

The Austin gals got some great cupcakes and a shout-out to Jennifer Perkins at the 08 CRAFT Release. Photo by patita pirata

CRAFT cupcakes. Photo by jek in the box.

2007 Craft Congress reception. Photo by Lish!

One of my favorites, cupcakes for Felt Club. DAMN. Photo by Jek in the Box.

And then some some misc. stuff:

Cupcake press kit toppers for Felt Club. Photo by Sew Darn Jenny.

So, perhaps the fun of coming up with unique designs and delicious recipes isn’t so surprising after all for us crafters.

Man, now I really want a cupcake…