Detroit Tigers jewelry

I’m a Tigers fan. Because I’m a fan and the season is now over, I have no problem saying that the Tigers SUCKED this season. Like, a lot. However, that didn’t stop me from going to my fair share of games this summer. The last game I went to over Labor Day provided a very crafty find.

My sweaty wrist 

The Baseball Cuff is the answer to any gal looking to add to her baseball look. What? Here’s what the box said:

  • Danielle Strle is a young designer from Brooklyn, New York. The Baseball Cuff is the beginning of the Big League Designer Collection. Keep an eye out for the rest. Each cuff is handcrafted from a real baseball. Bend it to shape for a custom fir around your wrist.

After a few warm margaritas at Comerica Park, this seemed like a great purchase. But heck, I’ll take something cute over an ill-fitting men’s T-shirt any day!