2008 DUCF applications now closed. Thanks much!

Hurray! The DUCF applications are now closed for the 2008 show. Thanks to everyone who applied — we are again awed by your talent and excited to get the selection process going. Our final tally is still happening, but we got just under 200 applications this year. Amazing!

A quick note: Some people were having trouble with submitting last night and we just want you to know not to panic. We have been matching applications with paids, so as long as you sent in your fee, we will be able to tell if your application is missing. If it is, we will be contacting you to submit by e-mail. This is the reason that applications without fees are automatically disqualified.

Unless you hit a major snag {the words “Oops something went wrong …” were on your screen}, we ask that you please DO NOT contact us to check that we got your application. It would be too overwhelming! 🙂

Thanks everyone!