Cooking with Amy: Lentils and Vegetables

This is a fairly quick, simple dinner I whipped up tonight.

Olive oil
1 cup dry lentils
Water (per lentil directions) or vegetable broth (for a little more flavor)
1 medium onion sliced thin
4 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 bag fresh spinach

Cook the lentils per the directions. I use “Better Than Bouillon” vegetable base to add some extra flavor, but I used half of what the jar says, so it’s not too salty or overpowering.

In a large pan, put a little oil in the pan, and saute the onions and garlic until soft.


Add the carrots (cheaters note: yes, steamed carrots would be so much better, but I used a can of no salt added sliced carrots instead tonight. I’m 13 weeks pregnant, worked all day, and have a hungry 2-year old without a nap to deal with!!!) Saute with the onions and garlic.

Just before the lentils are done, add the fresh, washed spinach to the pan with the rest of the veggies. I lay the spinach on top, and cover for a couple of minutes. Take off the cover and stir, the spinach will cook fast!



When the spinach is cooked, and mixed in well with the veggie, add the cooked lentils and stir.

That’s it!


You could add some cumin or other spices too, but the broth adds flavor, and I didn’t want to make it too spicy for Ramona.