Green Street Fair 2008

Thanks to everyone who came out to the first-ever Green Street Fair and Handmade Detroit involvement! Despite Saturday being described as “Krafty Katrina ’08” by Heart With Wing’s Shannon, the weekend was a huge hit and we loved every minute of it. I don’t think we’ve ever made so many purses and tote bags in such a short period of time.

Our vendors were fantastic and put up with a lot as we guessed our way through this first event. And our volunteers? Holy le crap. If we didn’t have our volunteers I’m sure Beth and I would be down a few digits right now.

Here’s a sampling of photos we snapped during the weekend. You can check out more in my Flickr account and Beth’s Flickr account. If you weren’t able to pick up your Rethunk merch, don’t worry. We’ll post it soon!

More than anything else, I hope you had a chance to think a bit more green this weekend and see if you could make some earth-friendly changes, crafty of not, in 2008.

How cute!

It got a little dicey Saturday night…

Our super buddies Great Lakes Myth Society sport the newest Mitten pins during their set.

See this? NOT a sewer and worked on it for two days in the tent. Dedication!

We were all drooling over Shannon’s serger!

Natalie Zebula might be THE best pouch maker in all of metro Detroit

Steph makes an adorable cuff on one of our donated Janome machines