The Columbia House of crafting?!

One of my favorite quotes from “Reality Bites” has to be from my hero, Vickie:

  • My favorite part about graduating now will be dodging my student loan officer for the rest of my life. He will be in cahoots with the Columbia Record and Tape Company guy… been after my ass for years.

I think just about everyone my age or older has, at one time or another, been sucked into the world of, “Join this club and your first 10 CDs are only $1!” Heaven knows I started my Smashing Pumpkins collection at age 12 that way and probably still owe BMG money to this day. You can imagine my surprise when this arrived in the mail yesterday.

Meet Crafter’s Choice, our version of Columbia House. The premise is completely similar:

  •  The Crafter’s Choice Book Club is a craft book club that offers great savings on quilting books, doll books, and cross stitch books. Enjoy a wide assortment of instructive, decorating books, such as imaginative painting books and woodworking books. This craft book club provides a diverse collection of classic decorating books and inventive, scrapbooking guides. Join Crafter’s Choice to save on a comprehensive selection of fun, creative craft books, including crochet books, knitting books, and sewing books.

My catalog offered me the super deal of selecting four introductory books at just 99 cents each! AND, if I joined today, I’d get a swanky craft tote! All for a wee three-year commitment!

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Looking through the catalog, I wasn’t super impressed. Sure, there was a title from Michigan’s own Carol Duvall. And Joann featured uber crafter Donna Dewberry was there, too. In terms of “names,” that was about it. From beading to needle crafts and even cooking, I didn’t see anything that warranted me dedicating the next three years of my life to finding three more books to buy at $24.95 each.

Has anyone become a member of Crafter’s Choice? Am I really missing a golden opportunity?!  Perhaps for now I’ll just stick to my local book shop here in Plymouth.