Local crafty briefs

+ Applications for the MICE Holiday show are due this Friday (same as our Holiday Market apps!). You must be an Etsy seller to apply. For more info, check out this post on the MICE MySpace page.

+ Local designer Kristin Omdahl contributed to the new Crochet Me book brought to you by the Crochet Me site. Meet her at the Book Launch Party at 1 p.m. this Sunday, Oct. 14 at Skeins on Main in Rochester. Omdahl will “be discussing the book, the Crochet Revolution and signing books.”

+ Oak Park resident Nicole Balch’s (of Pink Loves Brown) home was recently featured on Apartment Therapy. Making it Lovely is her blog about renovating her house. {EDIT: OK, I’m silly. Several people have pointed out that Nicole lives in Oak Park, Illinois. But hey, it’s a beautiful place and blog still worthy of your clicks! Apologies for the error.}

+ Ann Arbor-ite Kristin Perkins is the Etsy featured seller today. Congrats to Kristen! Read her interview here.

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