Advertise on Handmade Detroit today!

Wha? Yep, it’s true.

Here’s the whole story: We’re planning a redesign for to launch Jan. 2008. Our new design is going to open up Handmade Detroit as a more community-focused site. As part of that mission, we will be offering very affordable monthly advertising space for DIY and indie companies.* Though they will be open to all DIY-friendly peeps, we’re really hoping Michigan folks will take advantage of the promotion opportunity.

You can buy an ad right now! 

As a way to test the waters, we’re offering 10 sidebar ads at a discounted price to run until the end of the year (through Dec. 31, 2007) on this site. This is a great and cheap way to promote yourself to Michigan craft lovers during the upcoming holiday season. For a spec sheet, pricing and reservation, please e-mail handmadedetroit {at!} yahoo {dot!} com.

Thanks much!

* We reserve the right to deny any ads that do not fit with Handmade Detroit’s family-friendly, inclusive, DIY focus.