Getting crafty with Wildcatting and Curare @ the CAID Saturday


These altered books are actually the homes of the new by local band Wildcatting. Neat, huh? The band gave out the books to artsy friends to design, making each one unique. I love the bottom row of children’s drawings and can’t wait to pick out my own to take home. (Full disclosure: I actually have one (specially chosen) to make myself, and I promise to snap some photos of it this weekend for you.)

You can purchase your own one-of-a-kind CD book at Saturday’s (that’s tomorrow) Curare Festival @ the CAID in Detroit. Handmade Detroit will also be setting up a table at the event to promote our upcoming outings (and no doubt, selling some rad merch). It’s going to be a great show with Wildcatting headlining and new faves Rootbear, too. A full lineup and more details are on the Curare MySpace profile.

Hope to see you!