“Fall” bandage wreath

File this under the category of “Lish does nothing but craft wreaths.” Which is sometimes pretty much true. But, oh well! Wreath away!

Looking for a tacky, yet seasonal wreath to celebrate the fall season that is upon us? Try this “fall” wreath, covered in bandages. Get it- “FALL!” Oh, I kill me. Here we go.

Step One

  • Cut a whole in the box… Err, I mean, find some cardboard you’re looking to recycle. I opted for a record album sleeve I no longer needed. I trimmed the edges and had a perfect form.

Step Two

  • Start rippin’ up bandages. Now, if you’re not accident prone like I am and have a lot of these bad boys on hand already, go the cheap route and get the generic kind. And save the bandages for later use. You know, crafting can be dangerous.
  • Save the logo side of the bandage wrappers and start placing them on your cardboard. Create any pattern you’d like. I tried overlapping mine for a “fuller” effect, if that’s something you can achieve with, you know, bandage wrappers. Keep layering until your form is full. I used craft glue for this project- a glue gun just seemed like a bad idea.

Step Three

  • You’re done. I made a hideous bow out of some of the leftover bandages. I figured, “Self, you just made a wreath of bandage wrappers, you’re not going for a pretty look.” And I was right.

See, wasn’t that cheap and easy? Heavy emphasis on the cheap…

What crazy materials have you used for crafts before?