Who doesn’t love the Tigers?!

I was checking my “competition” over on Flickr for the Stitch ‘n’ Pitch/CRAFT contest when I saw this lovely and realized I’m probably screwed:

Yes, if this isn’t the hottest thing since crocheted bread, I don’t know what is. It’s a Tiger-inspired craft project organizer by Saginaw’s own Crystal Lopez. Here’s how she described it for the contest:

  • Here is my entry for the Craft Stitch N’ Pitch Contest! It is a folder for organizing and traveling with any small needlework project. The knit cover is made from Rowan Wool Cotton, including a duplicate stitch Old English “D”. All the pockets are hand-stiched as well. The inside cover features a paw print pattern that coordinates perfectly with the tiger face button closure and overall Detroit Tigers theme.

She was kind enough to let me repost this photo, so shoot her some love back by checking out her entire Flickr set on the project.