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Michigan pride in a Brownie Try-It?!

Color me impressed. I was online searching for some vintage Brownie Try-Its for an upcoming project, and came across this wee gem, a Michigan Try-It. Troop 830 crafted their own Try-It for a 2007 Silver Award project. Brownies have to do four of the following tasks to earn their patch. Test your Michigan pride and see if you’d be able to earn this, too. I’m still loving the fact that the patch reminds me of a certain Mitten Pin…

1. Michigan State Symbols
Every state has symbols to represent them. Learn about Michigan’s symbols. Search on the
web, write to your representative, or research about them at your local library. Try to find at least
two in your local surroundings. Can you find any in your backyard? At your local park? While
you’re on a fieldtrip or vacation?

  • State bird
  • State flower
  • State tree
  • State fish
  • State reptile
  • State stone
  • State wildflower
  • State gem
  • State game mammal
  • State soil
  • State song
  • State fossil

2. Michigan State Flag
Search the web to find information and a picture of the flag to print and color. Try to color your flag as true as you can.

3. Michigan Industry
The three largest income-producing industries in Michigan are manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture. Make a list of 10 products grown or made in Michigan. Try a few new to you.

4. Michigan Legends and Stories
The legend of Paul Bunyan grew out of the logging area in Michigan. The legend of the Sleeping Bear Dunes was told before the lumber industry began. Find a book on one of these or find another on your own and read it with your family or troop.

5. Origin of the name Michigan
Every name has a history, how was ours derived?The state also has several nicknames, find out what they are. Which do you like? Share your findings with your parents, friends, and troop.

6. Michigan Great Lakes
Did you know that Michigan is the only state bordered by four of the five Great Lakes? Learn about them…you can use the acronym H. O. M. E. S. to help you remember their names.

7. Michiganian or Michigander?
Which do you like better? Why? Draw a picture or write a story, poem, or song about Michigan.

8. Fast Facts
Find out five interesting facts about the State of Michigan. Share them with your family and troop.

4 Comments so far

  1. Reply to this comment On July 16, 2009 at 8:48 pm Amy Korman said:

    I am interested in obtaining some of the Mi brownie try its badges for my troop. Do yo have any or know where I would get them. GSHM Concord Brownie 267

  2. Reply to this comment On August 19, 2009 at 1:50 pm chris evans said:

    I just bought one today at the flint service center. They had a bunch.

  3. Reply to this comment On January 18, 2010 at 11:15 pm Courtney Bocci said:

    Does anyone know if any of the GSSEM stores have them?

  4. Reply to this comment On January 10, 2011 at 6:25 pm Tiffiny Cantwil said:

    I think they do carry them there, I actually picked up the info about this try- it at the store. If they don’t have it in store they will special order it for you. :)

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