Crafting with the blue plates

Many of us are sadly aware that 2007 marks the end of the blue license plate here in the Mitten, a simple plate that’s been in these parts since 1982. Deemed “too hard to see” on the highway by police, we have to give up our rusty, beloved old plates for one of the new, bright white options when we renew our tabs this year. Le sigh, right? I was holding out until the fall, when my renewal came up, but sadly I bought my car last month and had to transfer the title yesterday. THUS, I had to get a new license plate. Here’s what the Speedster currently has to wear:

Here’s what the Mich SOS has to say about “what to do” with your blue plate:
You may keep your blue license plate as a collectable. If you decide to dispose of it, please destroy it by cutting it in half or bending off a corner to discourage theft and fraud. Recycling might also be another option. Check with your local recycler for more information.

This got me thinking. What could I make with mine? I’ve had that same plate since I bought my very first car seven years ago. The sollution? START CRAFTING.

I decided to make mine into art. I picked up a cheap frame from Ikea, grabbed some twine, and my scissors.

This was so easy it’s funny. I ditched the “glass” that came with the frame, and just positioned my plate on the cardboard. I poked a few holes, cut some twine, and POOF!, instant automobile art:

When the time comes, what will you do with your blue plate? Or have you had to ditch it already? The WAB, home to Sunday Crafternoon, put out a call for blue plates so they can decorate the restaurant. Bring in your plate, get a pint. Seems like a good trade!

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