Creating your craft fair tablescape

Tablescape. Is that a word? In the DIY world, I believe it is. ANYHOO, I was in a bit of a bind for the Guerilla Art Show a few weeks back. I knew Reware Vintage Beth and I didn’t have lots of space to set up shop, and unfortunately, displaying dish towels can take up more room on a table than you might think. Solution? I converted a cheap laundry drying rack from Meijer into a swanky display. I simply cut a piece of poster board to fit the top of the rack, tied it down with glitter wire, and had a top to the rack to display on. Not bad. Take a look below for a wee snippet of it.

This makes me wonder. Craft season seems to be in full swing right now. Is anyone coming up with a new tablescape idea for their goods this year? What about “best practices?” What do you do when you find your big display has to fit in a small space? Any suggestions for newbies on what makes a successful display? Hit us up with comments, links, photos, etc. Inquiring minds want to know!

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How to Create a Successful Craft Show Display