Looking back at Craft Congress: Lish

Steph and I have been thinking our thoughts (yeah, that DOES sound bad) over the past week about what a great time we had at Craft Congress in Pittsburgh. Here are my “greatest hits,” with more from Steph to follow:

Handmade Arcade: What a great group of creative people. Our conference venue was amazing, there were great activities before and after the sessions, and I have a new love for Pittsburgh. If they can provide such a fun weekend, I can only imagine how amazing their fair is. Might be worth a road trip!

The Andy Warhol Museum: It was everything I hoped for, and then some. The museum reminded me of why I was born in the wrong decade.

AIR: This is the type of venue I wish Detroit had. There’s exhibit space, work space, and “chill” space for artists of all kind to perfect their craft. We learned how to screenprint during our Saturday reception, in addition to seeing some great works on display, meeting local artists, and eating a cupcake or five.

Diners: Only in Pittsburgh would Steph see a piece of Michigan toast with my veggie omelet.

Open discussions about craft fairs: Let’s just say I don’t get to talk about “all craft fairs, all the time” during a normal weekend. Our sessions were headed up by some great individuals, but some of my favorite parts of them had to be the question/answer/discussion portions, which really got my brain working.

Road trips: I’ve consumed more BK veggie burgers and Coke Zero last weekend than I can remember. And in case you were wondering, a Chevy HHR can fit at LEAST five medium-size suitcases. AT LEAST.

Meeting new crafters: (Excuse the photo, I look dead, Julie looks cute.) Part of my excitement of the weekend was the chance to finally meet the names behind the fairs/blogs/companies, etc. We had chances to talk about anything and everything during the weekend, and that was a great way for me to have a new outlook on why we craft and why we love it. Thus…

A renewed sense of crafty passion: Overall, thanks to everyone involved for making me crazy excited for the second installment of the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. I know once we’re busy planning it I’ll wonder what I was thinking, but right now, I can’t wait.

And last but not least: Thrift stores next to your hotel. Yes, that’s right. We had a Goodwill right next to us, and Steph spotted this Detroit puzzle, which my cat now sleeps in. How crafty is that?