Detroit Urban Craft Fair Update

Planning is moving along for DUCF v. 2 and there are a couple of things we can tell you about this year so far.

+ Applications to be a 2007 vendor will be on the Detroit Urban Craft Fair web site in the first half of April. We’re still working on a rehaul of the site, but you can bookmark it and be sure that we will post the crap out of their availability on this blog (and, um, like a million other places). But until then …
+ We encourage you to be gathering photos of your best work and putting together a description of them. This will be a large part of the application process, so if you’re itching to get started, it’s a good place.
+ If you’re interested in being a sponsor this year, our new packets and program are ready to sent out on Monday. E-mail handmadedetroit at yahoo dot com and we will make sure you get one.
+ This year’s fair will run an hour longer than 2006, and we’ve got raffles, DJs, a keepsake program guide and other nifty entertainment in the works … all with the mission of making DUCF v.2 bigger and badder! Keep checking back with us for more details as we know them.

p.s. We also ask that you please hold all questions (especially vendor questions) until the new site and applications are up and out. Thanks!